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HADDA Program

We know that data collection and management is a key pillar of a modern healthcare system and wider service delivery. Without good data, it is almost impossible to build a robust and sustainable healthcare system.

The need for good health information management systems (HMIS) has increased in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The global health emergency alerted nations across the world to the importance of a fully-functional, digital mode of health information management ready to face any imminent pandemic.

The Somali Integrated Household Budget Survey (SIHBS 2022) report published a series of findings indicating the barriers to accessible healthcare amongst the Somali population. Barriers included (but are not limited to): Lack of affordability, perceived perception that the illness is minor, difficult or costly travel and a lack of medical personnel available to support at the given facility.

The HADDA programme aims to bridge some of the gaps between frontline health services and patient access in Somalia. Our intention is to provide a smart and intuitive EHR system to be used by medical personnel that will provide the health data required to strengthen district, regional and national health information management systems.

Our project partners include:
Somalia’s Federal Ministry of Health & Federal Member States Puntland & Galmudug. We are working closely with the MoH to align the HADDA programme with HMIS priorities at National and Regional levels.
The SPIDER Centre, who have been instrumental in co-designing the baseline assessment for a functional HMIS system in Somalia.
SIDRA Institute, who produced the original baseline assessments along with the continued real-time evaluation and learning outcomes from the pilot programme.

Together with our partners, NomadiLab is working on the creation of a bespoke Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform called “RAAD”. The RAAD EHR system will be rolled out across a selection of six health-care facilities in Banaadir, Puntland and Galmudug as part of the pilot.

Our goal is to reduce the administrative burden for clinical staff, increase the quality of clinical health data and develop a method of integration that adds value to the Federal Government’s National Healthcare Strategy.

The HADDA Programme will also foster a collaborative environment between the Somali Diaspora and local institutions through the Connect Somalia initiative.

If you would like to find out more about the HADDA programme, please reach out at We are keen to connect with new institutions, organisations and individuals to exchange knowledge in this space so please reach out if you would like to collaborate with us.

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