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Connect Somalia

Connect Somalia is a program that aims to leverage the Somali Diaspora’s Human Capital and knowledge for the development of Somalia. With a focus on brain-gain and capacity building, Connect Somalia seeks to foster a collaborative environment between the Somali Diaspora and local institutions to build and strengthen sustainable development in Somalia.

At the core of Connect Somalia is the use of Digital Health and human-centric Tech to create sustainable solutions to health challenges in Somalia. The program seeks to provide skills for development through online workshops, webinars, and mentorship programs to improve healthcare outcomes in Somalia. Connect Somalia believes that by investing in the capacity and skills of the Somali workforce, we can contribute to the development of a sustainable health care system.

Connect Somalia recognises that the Somali diaspora has a vital role to play in the development of their country. The diaspora is estimated to number around 2 million people, many of whom have expertise in key sectors such as health, education, and business. Through Connect Somalia, the diaspora can channel their skills, knowledge, and resources to make a meaningful impact in Somalia. The program aims to work closely with the Somali Diaspora, local organisations, Government bodies and institutions, to build relationships, establish trust, and develop culturally sensitive solutions that are based on local needs and priorities.

As a program, Connect Somalia is dedicated to driving impact through collective effort and to create a more prosperous future for the Somali people. Connect Somalia is proud to be part of a global Diaspora that seeks to leverage the power of Human Capital and technology to drive development. By working directly to bridge the gap between the Diaspora, local communities and stakeholders, together, we will build a brighter future for Somalia and empower its people to reach their full potential.

Connect Somalia – Diaspora Engagement Portal
At its core, Connect Somalia is a human capital initiative that aims to harness the skills, knowledge, and resources of the Somali diaspora to support development efforts in Somalia. The program works to facilitate brain-gain by encouraging members of the diaspora to contribute their expertise and resources to development initiatives in their home country.

One of the key components of Connect Somalia is the Diaspora Engagement Portal, which serves as a digital platform for engagement and collaboration between the diaspora and local communities. The portal enables diaspora members to share their skills and expertise, connect with local partners, and contribute to the development of their home country.

Connect Somalia seeks to highlight the importance of the skills for development approach, recognising the critical role that education and training play in promoting sustainable development. The program works to develop and deliver training programs that equip Somalis with the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to their country’s development. Through the portal, diaspora members can access a range of resources and opportunities to support their engagement with Somalia. These include information about development priorities, opportunities for partnership and investment, and networking opportunities with other diaspora members and local partners.

In addition to the portal, Connect Somalia also operates through a network of partners and stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society organisations, and private sector actors. This network ensures that the program is aligned with local priorities and needs and is effective in driving sustainable development outcomes in Somalia.

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